Terms and Conditions

Order Approval :

  • Any mistake in the design file uploaded by the customer is not admissible after the printing process is completed. Hence, you must check for any mistakes, like color, sizes, die measurements, and others, before uploading your design file.
  • Final design approval is necessary against the design sent by the customer before starting the printing process.
  • We can allow the design support against the design alteration with additional charges excluded.
  • We are not allowing for changing any color, size, or any other alteration without customer discussion by our support team.

Genuine Content :

  • We are not allowing any kinds of screen capture contents or illegal contents to be used for art work / designs made by the customer. 
  • We are not allowing the printing of voter ID cards, Aaadhar cards, government-related documents, or unauthorized documents or designs.
  • Customer must assure us that the designs are made with genuine contents and obtained from reliable sources. 

Design Proofing and Matching :

  • Any design uploaded by the customer must be in our die-cutting, perfect color separation, and working mode.
  • We suggest you call us, our support team, for a discussion about your design-related issue, and only after fixing the file correction will you send us your final corrected file for printing.
  • All Designs uploaded by the customer must be in CMYK Color with 300 dpi resolution; otherwise, we are not responsible for print quality issues.
  • We allow file formats in Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe EPS (EPS), PDF Format, Coral Draw (CDR) 2018 – V-20, Photoshop (PSD) with editable mode with curved text.
  • Any design file uploaded by the customer must be created with high-clarity images, logos and contents, otherwise we are not responsible for print quality issue.

Printing Process :

  • All printing processes will start after the final confirmation from the customer.
  • In the printing process, we do not allow for design alteration; if, in any case, design changes are allowed by us, then the rejected printing charges must be paid by the customer before the new printing process starts. 

Dispatch and Delivery :

  • After all printing processes are completed, we deliver the Product with proper packaging, handle with care  with public transport, BUS, Courier or door delivery as per customer requirements.
  • The door-delivery facility is applicable to local customers only, with additional charges.
  • Product Packaging and delivery charges are extra and not included in product pricing.
  • We provide the dispatch slip to the customer after product dispatch by our store.
  • Product will be delivered within 2 days for local customers and 7–10 days for outside customers.

Order Cancellation :

  • We are allowing the customer for order cancellation before printing process start. we suggest the customer to call our customer support after uploading the design file.
  • We are sharing every step of the printing process with our customers; hence, the customer has a complete guide about the printing process.
  • We are not allowing any order cancellations in between when the printing process is going through. 

Return and Refunds :

  • Any kinds of Printed product is not returnable or refundable.
  • Any Design printed product that is approved by the customer are not returnable or refundable.
  • We can allow only promotional products like : Trophy, photo frames, Watches, Tumblers, etc. which are reusable are only return and refunded by us.
  • We will refund 70% of the final amount quoted by the Order Product that was cancelled by the customer within 7 days after receiving the cancellation product of the order by NEFT Transfer.
  • Customer must capture a video when opening the product packet, share the video with our customer support, and call for discussion about any damages, returns, or refunds.


How can we help ?

How can we help ?