Visiting Card and ID Card as visibility and identification tools

Visiting cards or business cards have become an indispensable tool of internal and external networking. Almost all business today depend upon networking and for this purpose visiting cards have become an essential tool of introduction between individuals and corporates. Be it for a commercial objective or a casual socialisation, exchanging of visiting cards have become more of a necessity rather than a fashion statement these days.

Visiting card

These typically small sized cards carry vital information about an individual pertaining to his or her name, organisation he/she serves in, profile, contact number(s) and mail id, company contact details etc. While these details are commonly present in any visiting card there is no limitation to the amount of information these cards can carry or the particular way of their information or structural layout.

Printing such cards however requires some exquisite styling in terms of font, colour combination, paper quality, printing style and pattern. Nowadays carrying visiting cards have become almost a necessity as they act as a reference for all future requirements and are presented for initiating a face to face interaction. Hence, it becomes essential that such cards are designed, printed and scripted in the most attractive manner to virtually compel its receiver to keep it carefully. A beautifully designed visiting card can also portray a sense of class in the eyes of its beholder and allure the card receiver to get in touch with the person in future.

identity cardID cards or the Identity Cards on the other hand are meant primarily for the purpose of internal segregation of students and employees. An ID card displays the student or employee profile, level in the institution or organisation, his/her student or employee code, employee type like full timer/part timer/on-roll or off-roll and various norms that the student or employee has to abide during his tenure with the organisation.

These identity cards cards, in many cases, also serve as a access card to organisation and facilitates the automated systems to capture other details like the in-time / out time / attendance / absence / numbers of break availed with duration and time etc. So apart from instilling a sense of belongingness and sophistication these cards also do an indirect marketing of the quality of its students and employees and the level of professionalism an institution or company has. However, these cards with compromised quality are susceptible to wear and tear with continuous usage.

Hence, even though institutions or company have a ID card system in place, the looks and quality of these cards matters tremendously when it comes to creating a perception and displaying professionalism in front of its prospective clients.

So be it a visiting card or an identity card both should be printed with a lot of care and Pati Graphics with its years of profound experience and highly satisfied client following, delivers absolute quality in such tasks. Our unmatched experience, knowledge, innovative solutions, latest machineries and array of variety in almost all the aspects of generating an absolutely amazing visiting card and/or identity card has bought us in the preferred choice catagory of any corporate or individual.

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