Promotional Material for Events & Occasions

Promotional Materials

The primary aspect of any commercial undertaking or activity is to communicate with its target market, otherwise known as “Promotion”. The more simplified and precise these promotions are, the better results they tend to generate. Promotion can be applied to a wide range of activities like brand visibility, business development, product launch, product penetration, brand equity, brand recognition and so on.

These printed advertisements can be used to promote various events and occasions like corporate events, Sale and discount events, hotel events, electoral events, job fairs, corporate communication, college events, admissions, public notifications, product launches and occasions like birthdays, marriages, Anniversaries, 21st day celebration, friends reunion, alumni meets, college fests, obituary etc. However, the purpose behind any promotion tends to largely decide the type of promotional tool and method it warrants. We perform various types of designing and printing works on surfaces like Flex, paper, plastic, glass, cloth, metal, wood, rubber, fibers plastics etc.

With its own set of advantages over electronic media, the print media apart from news papers has various other tools that can be considered for any particular type of promotion where the information is meant for a specific person, group or community.

Business cards, Calendars,  leaflets, banners, Booklets, brochures & Flyers , posters, standees etc for events and occasions are very specific tools of promotion that can generate great results but at the same time they also need to complement and glorify the business standards. Vital information printed with poor selection of promotional document can pull down the market’s perception of the business or an activity and many times such printed materials are found in the dust-bins or road side. Hence such tasks need professional build quality to not only attract the customers but also make them keep the materials safe for future references.

We at Pati Graphics have been into digital printing solutions for nearly three decades now and have been the first choice of individuals and corporates for printing and designing of promotional materials across india.

We offer the best quality with fair price and timely delivery. Stocked with the latest equipments and wide varieties of supplies, we can produce the best promotional materials without error. With a team of elite technicians who are experts in this business and with a state- of-the-art lab facility nothing is impossible for us.

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