Festival gift needs a gorgeous gift box


Diwali and Dhanteras celebrations have already started. Marriage season is coming up followed by Christmas and New-year. This is the season of festivity and gift. Gift boxes and gift bags have taken over gift wrappings. With the ban of one-time-use plastic bags, the best alternative is a box or a paper bag to add special effect to your gift. Pati Graphics designs customised corporate gift boxes, personalised gift boxes and gift bags for all occasions.


Gift BoxA gift with proper packaging makes the receiver happy whether it is an employee, a customer or a loved one. In marriages as per the costume Saris and dresses are given to the relatives and friends as a return gift. A gorgeous gift box becomes a warm possession, which can be reused. Personalised Gift boxes with names or photographs printed on them make it special.

This is the best time of business, so it gives an opportunity for the Shop owners to adopt a few methods which will help them to increase their average cart value. Of the many super simple options that one can apply, one is gift box and gift bags. All of us at some point of our life have felt limitless happiness while opening a gift. Many of us even have a habit of storing the decorative gift boxes.

A corporate house or a Proprietor avails this occasion to please its employees, customers and clients. This is the time to give a personalised gift to boost up the holiday mood. Of course, the hidden intention is to increase productivity and profit in your business. To make it more attractive insert personal note cards reflecting the festival or occasion with your logo. With this, a businessman is actually practising branding activities. A customised gift box or gift bag to cover the surprise gives the last touch to your emotional or professional bonding.


Pati Graphics has the expertise and experience in designing and printing customised gifts, gift boxes and gift bags.  

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