Coffee Mug Printing

Sipping coffee from a coffee mug that is personalised to match your mood, day or personality always adds charm to the moment. Personalised coffee mugs are preferred by almost everyone as it reflects their distinctive choice and character. Printed coffee mugs comes with various types printing options out of which the sublimation printing is most commonly used. In sublimation printing heat is used with controlled pressure to transfer dye from one surface to another.

Though this sounds simple but requires specially designed machines that hold the mug with exact amount of pressure and meticulously conclude the printing process.

Pati Graphics houses some the latest machines that generate the best printing results without having to worry about its quality and long term wear and tear.

These prints are designed to stay for a long time without fadings in colour. Be it as a single order or in bulk, Pati Graphics is well equipped to deliver as per order in the fastest time duration and within a price bracket that attracts all irrespective of corporate and individual.

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