Quality Flex Printing in affordable price..

When it comes to flex printing in good quality in an affordable price, it’s a biggest challenge for Pati Graphics..We are Committed and dedicated to provide quality services each time and all the time.. Digital printing can’t be better at any other place than Pati Graphics. Although there is full competition among flex printing solution providers in Bhubaneswar and also in the entire state. Pati Graphics has got experities and good reputation in the market as one of the high-quality and one of the most affordable flex printing providers in Bhubaneswar. We have our own state of art equipment setup which allows us to deliver results quite fast and effectively. We ensure t

Business Card

Visiting Card an Effective Tool for Professionals

Visiting Card, the solid first impression on the recepient lasts long. It does a lot more than just providing the personal details and contact information. A warm handshake with eye-contact and broad smile followed by a well designed Visiting Card is still the best practice for marketing oneself in this digital era. It reflects your personality, professionalism, legitimacy, and preparedness. Pati Graphics designs budget-friendly, attractive and impressive visiting cards with precise details printed at right place. Contact us for a stunning visiting card.  


Design and Printing of non-woven bags

Packaging industry has seen a dramatic and historical shift to eco-friendly packaging options with Government imposing ban over poly plastic bags in the recent past. Due to to harmful contamination and chemical property alteration on both edible and non-edible items and due its non-biodegradable nature, these bags were taken off-shelf and eco-friendly non-harmful bags were introduced. Be it a food business or any commercial house, these eco-friendly and non-woven bags are now in demand. At Patigraphics, we ensure that your branding on these packaging items adds to the brand mage. We print exquisitely on these bags as per client requirement and use latest technology and expertise in


Design and Printing of all your Business essentials Items

When it comes to rendering proper business communication or signages, Pati graphics has always delivered outstanding results. Be it a business flyer, a letterhead, drop tags, calendar, signages, id cards, envelopes or any other business essential, Pati Graphics ensures complete satisfaction of results by utilising its expertise and latest technology in delivering the best in class products. Whatever be the printing material or surface we carve out the best for rendering proper communication in whatever mode that fits your requirement. For your Business Essentials requirement call us on 91-9937494163 / 9338553778 or email us at or visit


Hoarding designs and printing

With hoarding playing a major role in brand visibility and identification, proper designing and printing of the information on hoardings is very important. A nicely designed and printed hoarding goes a long way to attract customer attention and curiosity. At Pati Graphics, we design and print the best hoardings with a combination of design experts and latest technology in printing arena, we ensure that our designs and prints always stand out in the crowd whatever be the material or the surface. For your requirement call us on 91-9937494163 / 9338553778 or email us at or visit


Surprise your loved ones by gifting them exclusive on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day surprise your loved ones by gifting them exclusively printed and personalised gifts through Pati Graphics, the pioneer in the world of 3D prints, multi colour prints, B/W prints and so on over numerous types of gift items and surfaces. Be it a T-Shirt, a pendant, a bracelet, a card or any other item, Pati Graphics ensures superior printing quality and designs. For your requirement  call us on 91-9937494163 / 9338553778


Festival gift needs a gorgeous gift box

Diwali and Dhanteras celebrations have already started. Marriage season is coming up followed by Christmas and New-year. This is the season of festivity and gift. Gift boxes and gift bags have taken over gift wrappings. With the ban of one-time-use plastic bags, the best alternative is a box or a paper bag to add special effect to your gift. Pati Graphics designs customised corporate gift boxes, personalised gift boxes and gift bags for all occasions.   A gift with proper packaging makes the receiver happy whether it is an employee, a customer or a loved one. In marriages as per the costume Saris and dresses are given to the relatives and friends as a return gift. A gorgeous g


Right Gift for a Great and Grand Celebration

The festive season is a time of bonding and jubilation.  This is the time to select a personalized gift for your near and dear ones. Selection of a proper gift is very important. It reflects the nature of the person giving the gift and his/her relationship with the receiver.   The creative gifts become a part of the memory of a person who receives it. If the person is very close, a coffee mug with a photograph of both the presenter and the receiver printed on it or a message to remind the relationship is a gift to cherish every morning or to take a special place as a decorative piece.  The coffee mugs with sublimation printing stay bright for …

Coffee Mug Printing

Sipping coffee from a coffee mug that is personalised to match your mood, day or personality always adds charm to the moment. Personalised coffee mugs are preferred by almost everyone as it reflects their distinctive choice and character. Printed coffee mugs comes with various types printing options out of which the sublimation printing is most commonly used. In sublimation printing heat is used with controlled pressure to transfer dye from one surface to another. Though this sounds simple but requires specially designed machines that hold the mug with exact amount of pressure and meticulously conclude the printing process. Pati Graphics houses some the latest machines that generat


Visiting Card and ID Card as visibility and identification tools

Visiting cards or business cards have become an indispensable tool of internal and external networking. Almost all business today depend upon networking and for this purpose visiting cards have become an essential tool of introduction between individuals and corporates. Be it for a commercial objective or a casual socialisation, exchanging of visiting cards have become more of a necessity rather than a fashion statement these days. These typically small sized cards carry vital information about an individual pertaining to his or her name, organisation he/she serves in, profile, contact number(s) and mail id, company contact details etc. While these details are commonly present in a